Platini Wants Penalty Box Refs

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Post by fatshaft » Fri May 18, 2007 8:18 am

Abdoulaye's Twin wrote:
communistworkethic wrote: court? Baseline???

Anyway, I'll repeat - incident at half way i.e. equi-distant between the two officials? Who's call is it? See it's a nonsense situation to have two refs.
Easy. If Ref 1 is in charge of the goal end of the side of the pitch to your left then it is Ref 2. If at the other end of the pitch then its ref 1. Basic ref/umpire mechanics as used in basketball and other sports that use multiple refs. I've experienced it 1st hand and even umpired games using it and it crazy as it sounds.

Open your mind...look into my eyes...1-2-3 :mrgreen:
That's exactly why Platini's NFL style "endzone" ref assistants would work better. There's still just one ref, but effectively 4 linesmen, but the two endzone linesman are specifically charged with foul play within the penalty area.

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Post by communistworkethic » Fri May 18, 2007 8:34 am

Do either of you recall the lay out or dimensions of a penalty box? Not withstanding the white sticky netty thing halfway along that "endzone" :roll: that stops said linesman from actually being able to patrol that line fully, it's alomost as wide as a basketball court is long. It still doesn't prevent any of the issues I've stated. You could have 3 officials all over one side of the pitch and the incident ahppening between them all, or play switching in an instant to the other side of the pitch leaving them all out of position.

Leave the game alone. The changes add nothing but possible confusion.

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