British industry

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British industry

Post by Hoboh » Wed Sep 30, 2015 11:12 am

With the seemingly imminent demise or at least deeply induced coma threating the steel works on Teesside, surely it is about time the British government finally got around to supporting our industry instead of just empty promises about cleaning up the aftermath.
During the 70's there was many a good industry that set about tackling undermining inherent faults (and yes the Unions played a large part in many of those), which cried out for some support and help from the government that failed to materialise. British manufacturing and engineering more or less died a death, leaving large swathes of the country unemployed and devastated.
If we had now the Service and financial services we have, complete with an engineering and heavy industry, we would be one of the most successful countries anywhere in the world.
Without the 'Oh he's at it again' money we splash overseas, a little investment inwards would have removed the threat from Corbyn types and knob heads attacking breakfast shops once and for all!
Alas, we never learn and it's probably too late.

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