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Post by dave1980 » Sat Dec 13, 2008 8:20 am

It may just be me but all the forum pages are currently too bloody wide for my display.

On second thoughts I think it's the banner at the top of the page that is too wide. Has Keveh altered it or summat?

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Post by communistworkethic » Sat Dec 13, 2008 8:23 am

no, it's your computer
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Bruce Rioja
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Post by Bruce Rioja » Sat Dec 13, 2008 2:34 pm

Interestingly, well hardly, but you know what I mean, I have exactly the same problem as Dave on my home PC but not on my laptop. :?
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Lord Kangana
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Post by Lord Kangana » Sat Dec 13, 2008 2:43 pm

I'm no expert BR, but its something to do with screen resolution as I recall - I adjusted it on the monitor of my PC, and its in the control panel of your laptop somewhere (it'll be a number like 624x1000 or somesuch). I might be wrong, but I think thats it. (just adjust to a lower one)
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