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Modding Policy - Bans

Post by Zulus Thousand of em » Mon Dec 29, 2008 10:07 pm

In my view The Wanderer is the best site for Bolton Wanderers fans (and others) to share their hopes, fears and views on Bolton Wanderers, football in general and the universe. There are other sites out there that fulfil all or part of those needs adequately, it’s just that I personally feel at home here. I subscribe to two other BWFC fan sites but this is the one I use the most.

I know that many of you share my preference. Probably for similar reasons, I guess. It just feels right. Somebody once likened it to a favourite pub. You frequent it because you like the surroundings, the banter, and the clientele. That’s usually all down to the landlord and how he maintains his standards. Clear and sensible normally does the trick. It’s the same with a football website – it succeeds or fails by the quality of its contributors, its members standards and the efforts of its administrators and moderators. Too much discipline and people lose interest (Max Mosley excepted, of course!) too little and anarchy ensues.
By and large I feel that we get it pretty much right on here – well I would, wouldn’t I? Discussions are allowed to develop and moderators normally only step in when somebody crosses the line. Usually that happens because someone is angry or pissed! Not a problem, but we try to put a lid on it. Occasionally it is because someone has an agenda or they revel in internet strife. That’s a bit of a problem as the mods and administrators have to take a view on these situations and, at some point, some contributors to the site get banned, either temporarily or permanently. These decisions are not taken lightly. You would be surprised by the amount of debate that goes on behind the scenes before a ban is imposed. It can go on for weeks! Don’t forget also that the mods and admin staff on here perform their roles without reward, other than seeing the site develop and maintain its high standards.

Whilst we feel that overall we do a decent job we are not complacent. We know that we are not perfect and recently we have thought of ways in which we can improve on the process. We could certainly improve our communications with the members on this subject – on the overall policy and individual bans and the reasons for them. So, if you are still reading, here is the policy we are now adopting regarding site discipline.

At the moment we administer bans on an ad hoc basis after a quiet warning, then a louder one. Sort of "Have the night off!" "That's a month for you then, matey boy!" or "Bugger off, and don't come back!" Sometimes we skip the first bit. With immediate effect we will formalise the system as follows:

If the warnings don’t work –

1. First transgression - 1 week ban.

2. Second transgression - 1 month ban.

3. Third transgression - Final 1 month ban.

4. Fourth transgression - Bye bye, for ever.

We will announce any ban, along with the reasons when they occur in the Site Development and Feedback forum.

Oh, and racists, religious bigots and spammers such as our recent unwanted guests from Pieland, go straight to Step 4. Do not pass go. Do not collect £200!
These new measures do not mean that we are stepping up modding and banning activity on the site. It means that we are trying to be more transparent about what is going on around the site, so that everyone knows what is happening. Please bear with us on this. We’ll make it work.
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