I the jury.

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I the jury.

Post by TANGODANCER » Fri Jul 22, 2022 12:11 pm

Hoping some of you saw the great controversy following England women's equaliser against Spain this week. the Spanish captain accused the ref of unfair favour of the English and the fact she didn't use V.A.R to check a claimed foul on her (if she had Paredes, the accuser, would have been shown to be wrong and might have even received a ban for her slanderous behaviour. (this was nothing compared to the Spain sub keeper's amazing attack on an official after kicking xxxx out of a water carrier), but the equalising goal came after an English penalty claim the ref refused (V.A.R would also have proved England right. It would have been impossible for the sub keeper to have seen the incident clearly from where she sat on the bench.) She was raging because we equalised with only six minutes left to play, screaming "foul" like a mad banshee.

I can't find the image now after copyright wouldn't let me post it, but it clearly shows three Spanish players , one of who clearly pushed the English girl, Elissa Russo, in the back, boxing her in bodily. It wasn't Russo's header that scored as the ball bounced around before being smashed home by her ten seconds later. There was no doubt about Georgia Stanway's winner which she got despite five Spanish players between her and the nets, however, it's the bad reactions of the sen~oritas I'm asking about. Annoyance and disapointment at losing after playing so well I can understand,( the Spanish never lose well) but...

Did anybody see it and can comment?
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Re: I the jury.

Post by Mar » Tue Jul 26, 2022 8:29 pm

Can't remember it but i have been watching the ladies. They've certainly done well so far and I suspect you may be able to get that on catchup TV somewhere.

End to end stuff with england women at the moment

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