Bees are kewing up to sting us where it hurts. Brentford v BWFC 13/1/18 3pm

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Re: Bees are kewing up to sting us where it hurts. Brentford v BWFC 13/1/18 3pm

Post by TANGODANCER » Sun Jan 14, 2018 10:26 pm

TonyDomingos wrote:
Sun Jan 14, 2018 2:24 pm
Two minutes of highlights.
I know our defence, in general, is pretty well organised but when we attack it seems to take about a fortnight to get the ball into danger areas, whilst the opposition attack us like a January sale mob at Debenhams. (I go off only commentaries and highlights generally, so I'm asking, not telling) . I also know that Henry and Pratley missing is a big item, particularly as Vela seems to be right off his game right now, so losing away to Brentford is not criminal as such, but we do need to get back amongst the one thing we're shy of, goals. Is there hope things may change shortly ?
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Re: Bees are kewing up to sting us where it hurts. Brentford v BWFC 13/1/18 3pm

Post by OrtonCakeBingoBongo » Mon Jan 15, 2018 12:27 am

Well there you have it, the teams meet again next weekend and in truth I'm looking forward to it. We were maybe fortunate to take three points from yesterday but that was a goal fitting to win any game and should Celina start for this, we'll have half a chance of taking something back. We're an average side with an average manager, Yes there is potential there but not utilized often enough or too many players go missing at crucial moments. With enough focus and commitment we could challenge the play off places but I realize it's been 15 years since a premier league game, it's seems unlikely to happen for us any time now or in the immediate future.

Look forward to this, beating Leeds yesterday went a long way for some, even if the game itself was probably played on soil resembling the Horse of the Year show and we struggled to take advantage of the sending off. (Even that was a bit harsh but the intention was there and that alone did it for the referee.) The strike that won it was worth the admittance alone even if the rest of the game struggled to match it.

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