Can we ram home the point(s), only time wool tell ewe! (A) at Derby, Sat 7th April

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Re: Can we ram home the point(s), only time wool tell ewe! (A) at Derby, Sat 7th April

Post by Dave Sutton's barnet » Sat Apr 07, 2018 7:26 pm

More extensive quotes, from the official site. ... by-county/
We weren’t very happy with the start we made. The goals we conceded, the first in particular, were very soft and we gave a team who had a very edgy crowd behind them the last time they played here against Sunderland a huge lift. It could have been avoided and we have to do better than that – it is as simple as that.

It doesn’t matter what system we play, what personnel we play or what style of football we play, we have to get the fundamentals back in place out there on the football pitch to enable us to win games of football. I feel in the last few weeks since the Aston Villa game, those fundamentals haven’t been in place as well as they should be and we have been punished for that.

In the build-up to the game, we prepared well for it and made changes, as we have done before and which we will continue to do. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Was it the changes or is it the formation which cost us today? I personally think it was more that the manner of the goals we gave away were cheap.

The lads kept going in the second half and I have to give them credit for that, but we expect that as I am always saying what a good group of lads they are. We kept going and hit the post and bar alongside a scramble cleared off the line.

Derby didn’t really threaten in the second period but we have to be honest with ourselves and say that at 3-0, the match was done and dusted from Derby’s point of view meaning that they sat back in and let us have possession of the ball a bit more. We did keep going though and it was important that we showed a bit of pride in that second half.

We have just got to get back to the drawing board and find a formula for us to get the wins required. We have done it before – we have had some tough times during my time at the club so far and some soul-searching along the way and this is another one of those nights.

We’re all hurting and while you accept when you come to Derby that it’s going to be difficult, we just made it too easy for them in that first period.

It goes without saying that we need every single supporter to be right behind the team on Tuesday night. The true test of players, managers and supporters is when the chips are down and we will need everybody who is coming on Tuesday to get right behind the lads and do their bit.

We know it is tough when your team has been beaten – it is extremely tough for us as it’s our livelihood and it affects us more than anybody – but come Tuesday, we have to be ready to be competitive in every part of the game.

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Re: Can we ram home the point(s), only time wool tell ewe! (A) at Derby, Sat 7th April

Post by GhostoftheBok » Sat Apr 07, 2018 8:46 pm

I agree that Parky's brand of football is as dull as dishwater, but that's not been helped by the situation at the club and thus his inability to get any real quality into the squad in attacking areas. His football at Bradford was, shall we say, industrial - but their fans liked him well enough. I also agree with people saying that if he keeps us up he'll have done a great job in his time here. I don't think he's an amazing manager, from what I've seen, but he's also not a terrible one. Plenty of managers would have crumbled under the weight of all the problems we have at Bolton. I don't think I'd want Parky to be manager for the next 10 years, but if he keeps us up and stabilises us then I'll be grateful.

Every time I heard people say they want Parkinson gone and someone in who will play great stuff I remember the history of that kind of shout. People wanted Sam gone and better football played - Sam went and we went down. People claimed the drop would do us good and we'd be able to play better football in the Championship - that went well. Then it was the drop to League One that'd make us a big fish in a small pond and let us play attractive football - that also went well.

We've not had a good squad in a decade. We've not had a squad designed to play attractive football in two decades. Be careful what you wish for. We're currently in no position to be turning on the style at any level. This current squad couldn't even play beautiful football in League Two - it's just not there in the squad. There's a good two years of rebuilding to do if we want to start getting at teams and controlling play.

It might actually be time to consider a Director of Football, if what we ultimately want is a "Bolton Style" to develop. Unless we do go that route, then we need to stick by our managers for at least a few years at a time - so long as they're keeping us up. Changing proper managers regularly is far more damaging than changing head coaches.

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Re: Can we ram home the point(s), only time wool tell ewe! (A) at Derby, Sat 7th April

Post by Harry Genshaw » Sat Apr 07, 2018 10:51 pm

I couldn't care less about a Bolton style. I just want to see my team create a few chances in a match.

I accept we have to do whatever it takes to stay up this year and at the moment it means grinding out 1-0 wins and 0-0 draws.

3 or 4 different players in the summer & there's no reason why we can't evolve into a better attacking side. We'd still lose more than we'll win if we're in the championship.

My only concern is whether Parky can do this with a side. He's got a reputation for playing long ball, pragmatic stuff. Can he build a different style of team if he's given the time?
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Re: Can we ram home the point(s), only time wool tell ewe! (A) at Derby, Sat 7th April

Post by Armchair Wanderer » Sun Apr 08, 2018 2:36 am

Didn't the style of play change (more passing) when Madine went? What happened to that?
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Re: Can we ram home the point(s), only time wool tell ewe! (A) at Derby, Sat 7th April

Post by TANGODANCER » Sun Apr 08, 2018 1:58 pm

Forgive me if I got this wrong, but when leading by three goals their manager brought on Palmer and Jerome? This seems more than a bit insulting when we are thought so little of a threat he could do that? Not two defenders to protect the lead and the points, but two forward players? Oh, I know we pressed more at the death, but the proverbial "too little, too late" seems a bit ironical when we still didn't change a thing. Parky really needs to find a balance between all the sheep in the fold and wandering wloves that left the cabin so unprotected that we nearly got caught out two or three times in the first fifteen minutes...
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Re: Can we ram home the point(s), only time wool tell ewe! (A) at Derby, Sat 7th April

Post by Spartan2 » Sun Apr 08, 2018 10:15 pm

Armchair Wanderer wrote:
Sun Apr 08, 2018 2:36 am
Didn't the style of play change (more passing) when Madine went? What happened to that?
No. We just got a few lucky wins, effort/determination and luck, we'll need to be lucky a fair bit before the season is out.

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Re: Can we ram home the point(s), only time wool tell ewe! (A) at Derby, Sat 7th April

Post by BWFC_Insane » Mon Apr 09, 2018 8:51 am

Peter Thompson wrote:
Sat Apr 07, 2018 6:32 pm
Dave Sutton's barnet wrote:
Sat Apr 07, 2018 6:05 pm
PP, post-match presser, per Iles/BN: ... rers_dear/
I was disappointed with the goals we conceded, especially the first one. We came to Derby who had lost against Sunderland and knew there was an edginess about the ground. We could have used that but we gifted them the first goal.

It should have been dealt with comfortably. And when you’re at a place like Derby you have to make sure the fundamentals are in place to stay in the game. We didn’t and we were punished.

The game went away from us – it doesn’t matter what system, what style of play, it is about making sure the fundamentals are in place to make sure you win a game of football. In the last two weeks, the last three games, we have gone away from it. We have to rediscover it.

Are we suddenly going to become free-scoring? No, probably not. But we have to get that resilience back, starting with Tuesday night against Millwall.

The lads are up for the battle and they understand the situation we’re in but in the last two games in particular we have conceded uncharacteristic goals. I have to make sure that doesn’t happen Tuesday.
Not under Mr nil Parkinson are we ! and as manager do you ever take any blame for the above....thought not, are the lads really up for the battle as it doesn't appear so, the team are almost beaten before they go out on the pitch due to Parkinson's negative tactics & mindset.....what's wrong with having a go, pressing, get in the face of the opposition instead of rolling over waiting for your belly to be tickled football.

Just go Parkinson, you are the most boring, monotone, negative, ultra defensive, most tactically clueless manager around.....whether we somehow manage to stay up or we go down we simply can't afford another anti football season under Parkinson....more importantly the fans don't deserve another season of Parkinson's non-football
Quite simply what people like you, and what fans deserve are two entirely different things. You moaned, constantly during our glory years. You will never be happy and constantly blame the manager. We've a shite squad. Derby have a good squad. We have no pace, no attacking presence and we have to try and simply grind results out. When we defend as we did at Derby we might as well not turn up. It was a shambles. But this whole season has been less of a shambles than the last time we were in this division and we've sold a significant number of players since then (11M in fees) and not spent a single penny on a player.

The fact we're still in with a chance is something. I suspect our luck has run out at the wrong time. If we go down lets see what Ken does. But lets not forget Ken hasn't spent a penny at this club. He's bought it for £1 and financed it via selling our better players. He may be a good businessman, but he certainly isn't doing what fans of a football club want. And if/when Parky does leave within 3 months (plus a little if it happens in early pre-season) you'll be calling for the head of the new man. 100% nailed on and guaranteed.

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