Player Nicknames

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Player Nicknames

Post by pafcprogs » Tue Aug 22, 2017 5:52 pm

Greetings from sunny Devon

Just looking at some Pilgrim nicknames it occurred to me that so many clubs have their own Trigger, Psycho, or Animal...and yet also some of their own.

So my enquiry is what are funniest/wittiest/ most appropriate nicknames for Trotters players past and present...

Best of luck for the new season...


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Re: Player Nicknames

Post by Abdoulaye's Twin » Tue Aug 22, 2017 6:40 pm

In recent years most of our lot gave been called useless bastard :)

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Re: Player Nicknames

Post by plymouth wanderer » Tue Aug 22, 2017 9:24 pm

Welcome pafc!

As at says. Useless tossers is common place atm
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