Please, help me find someone. All help is appreciated.

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Please, help me find someone. All help is appreciated.

Post by Ztoli17 » Tue Jun 28, 2016 5:47 pm

Dear Bolton fans,

I'm currently looking for a person from Bolton, but I want you to know the story behind this whole thing first.

I'm from Hungary, and my father went to the euro cup match between Hungary and Portugal. There, he met a disabled boy in a wheelchair.
He told him and his friend that he was from Bolton, and he must have left a pretty big impression on my father, because he asked me to find out who he was. He wants to know so that he can send some gifts to this boy.

If you know personally who this boy might have been, or have other information regarding him, please, answer to this thread or write me an e-mail to:

All help is appreciated, and sorry if I bothered any of you.

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