Today I have been completely grossed out by...

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Today I have been completely grossed out by...

Post by Lost Leopard Spot » Sat Apr 21, 2018 3:52 pm

...the biggest fat lump of lard I've seen in years. Just came waddling into the Greyhound. Him and his svelte (by his standards, obese by medical definition) friends sat down on the chesterfields and sofas in the 'comfortable' room.
Fat lad just peeled himself off the stool in front of me with a sucking sound that caught my attention. Glancing up I witnessed a builder's crack of enormous proportion as his shorts descended to around where his anus would be if it wasn't buried in mounds of ghee in skin.
But the truly horrendous thing was the drip, drip drip from the inside of his knees onto the aforementioned stool, the cause of the flow being rivulets of sweat descending from his nether regions.
I'm currently staring at, mesmerised, and trying not to throw up over, a sweat splashed, fabric stained, stool seat, and a slug like trail of drips headed barwards.
That's not a leopard!

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