Doing a Newton...

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Doing a Newton...

Post by TANGODANCER » Sun Feb 04, 2018 12:59 pm

I'm going to make a bit of history here with this expression, because I've never heard it used anywhere else, even on Google. In effect, in relation to football matters, it means what is normally referred to as "diving" (an inadequate term, as water is normally involved with that). "Doing a Newton" relates to Isaac Newton's gravity law that states "what goes up must come down" (although possibly not described thus by him) , as even a feather will fall to earth eventually.What prevents us all from floating about like a space-walking astronaut is our weight. We are also prevented from falling over in motion by the ability to move one foot in front of the other in the action known as walking or running and balance. When falling, the natural instinct is to push a foot/leg forward to prevent it and stay upright. This is well known to all, especially those moving forward at speed on a football pitch and particularly by a few elite individuals who have perfected the art of demonstrating gravity rules to a high degree. Hence, the way to get a penalty when tackled is to simply keep both feet together and "do a Newton". Being unable to defy such law of gravity means a rapid descent to terra firma and, in many cases, fame and fortune if you can con the ref and earn a penalty.

Thus, not wishing to venture into "No shxt Sherlock" land, in future, if you should come across the term "Doing a Newton", please remember you heard it here first. That's it. :lol:
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